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Thread: rough in tub/shower valve

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    Default rough in tub/shower valve

    I am in the middle of a major remodel of my bathroom. I am replacing the tub/shower valve and need to know how high above the tub to put the tub spout. I'm using a Delta 1755-716 and the instructions say to have a minimum 8" drop and maximum 18" drop to the tub spout but don't tell me how high above the tub the spout should be. Is there a standard measurement for this?

    Also, is there a standard height for the shower head/outlet. The old one was not mounted high enough. Is their a standard measurement for this or is it a function of personal preference?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Under the UPC, the mouth of the spout must be at least 1" above the flood rim of the tub. That is a little low from an aesthetic standpoint, and 2 to 4 inches is more the norm, from that standpoint.

    The minimum distance down from the valve is to minimize the backpressure at the valve, which if too high, causes some water to dribble from the shower head when using the spout. Same reason the pipe to the spout needs to be full size 1/2 copper or 1/2 brass, but NOT 1/2 CPVC or PEX.

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    Default valve

    There is no "standard" height for the spout, OR the valve, OR the shower arm/head. You install it according to what you like or the needs of the user, whether it is a 3' little person or a 7'3" basketball player.


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