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Thread: Cat 5 Spaghetti Soup - Help!!

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    OK, I moved into this house a couple of years ago. Upon inspecting the attic I was pleased to see what looked like Cat 5 wires running all throughout the attic. Finally, I decided that its a good time to hook up some internet to these bad boys. I will post pictures and ask for advice.

    You can see the spaghetti that is the mix of wire in the attic in one photo. I took my wall plates down in my office to see how they were wired and it looks as if whoever wired the house for phone used what I only assume is Cat 5 cable (house built in 1998).

    1) Can I use these lines to install an access point?
    2) As it gets super hot in that attic during the summer, is it a good idea to put equipment such as modems and routers in the attic?

    I have wireless but it often fails in the far reaches of the house.
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