Right now I've got a full size window in my shower/tub area., which I'm going to have ripped out in the next year. I've got tiled wall around the window, which I've already had to replace 7-8 of them on the right side of the window, along with some on the trim boards. Now I've noticed 4-5 of the tiles starting to loosened, if I push on them they push in as if the wall board on the other side is soggy. I know that when I go to rip that out, I'll see the wall board wet and moldy. What I want to do is put some kind of covering over those tiles on the window side, until I can get that window out of there during the summer or fall next year (2009).
What I want to know is what to put there. I've seen this white wall panels that you would find in some public bathrooms and also, in some camper ceilings. I was thinking of using that to adhere to the tiles and then chaulk around the edges for that wall. Because when i take that window out, I plan on re-doing the outside wall and re-insulating then putting in a tub enclosure.
But, wanted a quick fix now, so that the tiles don;t come out,.
Any suggestions