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Thread: Leaking Woodford Model 17

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    Default Leaking Woodford Model 17

    I have a Woodford Model 17 faucet that is leaking, and only when it is on. The leakage appears to come from the inside the flange, and not from the vacuum breaker or the handle. I do not have access to the faucet from the basement because that space is finished. I suspect the leakage is from the the welded part between the handle and the body. I do not think I can get to where the faucet is connected to the water supply without putting a hole into my ceiling of finished part of basement. Should I just jank the faucet out, and replace it a new one, or get some plumber's epoxy and attempt to stop that leak? But without disconnecting the faucet, it would be difficult to apply the epoxy because the flange would be in the way and it is not easy to remove. Any suggestions are welcome.
    Thanks much.

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    That hose bibb is blown a couple of inches inside on the copper pipe leading into the home and you cannot just yank it out because it is probably soldered into the water lines. You will have to open up the finished area and remove the broken hose bibb and install a new one.


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