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Thread: Is the Gwyneth worth the $100.00 more than the Ultramax

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    Default Is the Gwyneth worth the $100.00 more than the Ultramax

    Still trying to decide between the 2 toilets and wonder if the Gwyneth is worth the $100.00 more that we would have to spend vs. the price of the Ultramax. Terry had said they are about the same but the price does have some difference. I guess are the differences worth $100.00. Thanks for any info.

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    The Gwyneth is a taller bowl, 16-1/8"
    That's part of the price difference.

    It depends on what that is worth to you.
    I sell the ADA Ultramax for $95 more than the elongated Ultramax.
    The Gwyneth Comfort Height is $75 more.

    Ultramax elongated, 14-5/8" high bowl
    Gwyneth Universal Height 16-1/8" high bowl
    Ultramax ADA elongated, 16-1/2" high bowl.
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    First of all, every Toto will do a great job doing what a toilet is supposed to do. So, in that respect, you can't go wrong buying any model from the least expensive to the top dawg. What it really comes down to is which toilet do you think looks the best in your home and fits your budget the best.


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