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Thread: Bathroom Sink Drain (Broken from wall to Ground)

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    Default Bathroom Sink Drain (Broken from wall to Ground)

    There was a clog in the bathroom drain so I took off the connections under the sink to unclog.... I cut the sheet rock to get to the pipe to see what I was dealing with I cannot find where the drain pipe went into the ground (or where the pipe actually broke) coming out of the ground. I looked and looked. The obvious answer is straight down... I thought I was going crazy but I cannot find where the spot where the pipe broke..

    I had purchased flexible couplings to reconnect the drain pipe but without seeing where the pipe broke I cannot fix. THe foundation is cement but the water supply lines that all come from the ground so the drain pipe would too, right? I am hoping someone can give me some insight here.. Thanks.

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    Will have to remove the vanity to get in the wall to make the needed repair to the pipe. More work than I think is worth it than just calling a reputable plumber and the assurance that brings.

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    Default Tough one

    I've demo'd a few of these. If you are a DIY'r and feel confident, then the fix is difficult, but not impossible. If not, hire a respected plumber.

    - Where the leak is showing isn't always where the actual leak is. Water tends to find the path of least resistance and follows the rules of gravity & capilary action. Sometimes leaks are obvious..sometimes not.
    - The lav drain, if next to a toilet prob runs towards the toilet.
    - If you can't determine which way the pipe bends, you could run a small camera down the pipe to see which way it bends (turns). Most camera's don't do small pipes well, but at least you'll get an idea.
    - You'll have to remove the vanity to gain access. Vanities are easy to move and replace. Be carefull of moving mirors.
    - You can rent a hilti demo hammer for approx $35 to $50 a day.
    - If you hire a plumber, remove the vanity yourself. No need to pay for that also!

    Do your homework & good luck!
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    opps i had copied and pasted this and missed the most important part.

    Originally there was a clog

    When I was putting the pieces back onto the sink, the S trap, and the pieces that leads to the drain pipe behind the wall I was having a hard time the drain pipe that runs from the wall to the ground broke, the break happened near the bottom where the pipe leads into the ground...

    I had done some research on and found that flex couplings can be used to reconnect.. I went and bought the couplings but when I went to look through the hole under the sink I could not find where the drain pipe broke? I was thinking that the pipe should have gone straight down into the ground but when I look there is no hole or broken pipe. I just see solid wood and cement.. The drain pipe had to of gone somewhere in the small space...

    Also let me say I have great respect for plumbers and the knowledge that goes with the job.. I understand there are probably a million scenarios that would require me to call and a plumber and I would be more than happy to do just that. I know when I am in Way over my head.. As of now I feel like this is something I can fix.. I have taken on some pretty big projects before so this one seems easy enough, as of now, if it does get to be a bigger project I will call someone...


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