I'm hoping someone can tell me if homeowners can run their own gas lines within a house (from existing service) or if it's necessary to hire a licensed pro. My dad (in Canada) used to have an industrial gas ticket and would be a good resource for me, but he's not familiar with U.S. laws or codes. If it's not possible, who would be the best choice to hire (Plumber???) to have it run for the lowest cost. It would simply involve removing a 1/2" line that runs across my house to a gas range and replacing it with a larger line that could service both the range and a free standing gas fireplace. The gas line is exposed and runs along the basement ceiling, so it's easily accessed. Also, do I need to hire a licensed pro to install the fireplace or can I do that myself as well? Doesn't seem too complicated, but I want to go by the book.

Thanks in advance for any advice.