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Thread: Symmons temptrol shower valve problem - hard to turn hadle

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    Default Symmons temptrol shower -changed out spindle - now handle is very hard to turn

    I just changed out the Spindle (part TA10) for a standard Symmons Temptrol valve as part of a shower remodel - had to change it because I could not get off the original handle with all the gunk built up over the years.

    Anyway, after replacing the spindle it is now very dificult to turn on and off the water - valve is very stiff. I tried loosening the cap but it didn't really help and water started to leak out of the center of the spindle.

    I thought that I followed the instructions on the Symmons website to the letter but obviously not.

    (The Temtrol valve controls shower and tub if that makes a difference - diverter is working fine)

    What did I do wrong? What can I do to fix it?

    Thanks a lot


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    I answered your other post!

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    I answered your other post!
    Thanks - I don't know how to delete this thread


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