I want to thank everyone for their input on this. I am still awaiting a response from a closed-cell DIY company, but after speaking with a good friend whom has built hundreds of houses in the area and after speaking with the local housing inspection office, I am pretty sure I am going forward with the cellulose.

I just spoke with an inspector whom said he's been around a long time and has never seen any issues with blowing cellulose into these older houses in Kansas or even Oklahoma. I'm in the southern part of Kansas, 30-40miles from Oklahoma.

My friend, is a licensed contractor, but he admitted he wasn't the one to ask about the insulation, but did offer that he's never seen it be a problem either.

I can totally see where this might be a big issue in certain parts of the country or even in Canada, where the temps are more extreme and/or more humid. In any case, I will try to look behind some fiberglass batting that was installed in the early 90's, I believe, and see if I see any signs of issues before I progress with this. If none are found, I'll likely progress once the weather warms up.

I do believe the foam is better, but it's also 4 times as expensive and I think it would be 10x the work! If anyone has any other pointers, they will be appreciated. The plan is to pull off a row of siding just below the windows, then blow in from there, then pull a row off about 3-4' higher and repeat, going up until the wall is filled. Maybe the next time I paint, I'll pull a row off and check everything to make sure there is no rot and also top off any that settles.

Thanks again, I just wanted to pass along, what I found out from the office of central inspection.....