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    Default manifold

    hi everyone am new to site and was wondering if putting in a manifold in copper water pipes would solve the problem of uneven water preasure when running more then 2 fixtures at one time?
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    It might help, but you'd need to know what kind of supply volume you have and the pressure available. If everything is plumbed with say 1/2" (like my mother's house from the curb), you are restricted in your supply, and fixing that may be required to fix things. Is there any old galvanized piping in the house or used at one of the valves (say at the tub?)? That can close up with rust and give you the equivalent of less than a soda straw for volume.

    A little more info on what you have might allow a better answer whether it might help.
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    its all copper and 3/4 line runs in from floor to meter so i asume it 3/4 all the way city says i should have anywere from 50 to 100 psi but am going to get them out to check

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    Default manifold

    It would depend on WHY you have the problem, where you installed the manifold, and what kind of lines you ran from the manifold to the faucets.

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    A manifold may help equalize the pressure to all the fixtures if that is your problem, but won't increase your total flow through your 3/4" main.

    You're only going to get so much flow from a 3/4" main supply line. It also depends on which 3 fixtures (you said more than 2) you are wanting to use at the same time. For 3 bathtub or shower valves on at the same time you'll need more than a 3/4" main.

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    Looks like someone has a small advertising budget!


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