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Thread: Hole in Bottom of Toto Drake -- Defective?

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    Default Hole in Bottom of Toto Drake -- Defective?

    I purchased a second Toto Drake for my hall bath and prior to installing noticed a small hole on the bottom of the bowl. There was no similar hole in the bottom of my Toto I installed previously.

    So I called Toto and emailed them a picture of the bowl and they said that this is normal and not defective. Does anyone else have this hole, or know if Toto is being totally honest that it is part of the mold when they are making the toilets?? Seems weird my other Toto did not have one..

    They also told me no need to worry that the trapway (feeling inside when I have the bowl upside down) is not glazed at all...I thought they were supposed to be at least partially glazed?
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    That hole lets the hot expanded air out when it's in the kiln.
    I see the hole all the time.

    I also think that the rougher trapway is not a problem, there is less chance for paper or wipes to stick it self to it.

    A smooth surface is more likely to "grip" onto wipes.
    A little surface bumping allows water to wash under it.

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