Hi, I am very new here found the site while trying to gather information about wells, pipes, carpet and drywall, etc...

I am considering the purchase of a 1400 sq foot farmhouse built in 1925. The outside seems to be in excellent repair, new siding windows and doors, and the inside looks outdated and dirty but not terrible.

This is a foreclosure, so I was warned that there maybe problems with the pipes, or well. And have heard from the boys that I work with that sometimes people dump cement down the toliet, or stuff dishrags in the pipe lines so they will not work.

So, Not knowing much about pipes I thought I'd ask;

What would be a rough estimate for a total house repipe-job in the Middle North Carolina area? The house has a crawl space, so pipes are accessible underneath...there is only 1 bathroom...though I'd like to add a half bath perhaps....

Does anyone know what it cost to re-do, clean out a septic tank incase that is bad?

And how much is it to drill a well incase this one is bad.....oops, that's a lot of questions.