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Thread: Glass Block ventilation problem?

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    Default Glass Block ventilation problem?


    im currently on with a new bathroom project, the situation i had was i have a huge window and window ledge and the shower water was running onto my ledge that way ruining the ledge etc

    on the edge of the window theres a 12 inch gap between the edge and the window its self, on the edge where going to put up a frame with a wall of glass blocks, making the water slide down rather than hit the ledge

    the worry i have is condensation as i wont be able to get to the window as the glass blocks will be completely covering any access to the window,

    where just in primary stages until we work out what to do to ventilate

    does anyone have any suggestions??

    thank u again


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    Take out the window!

    See if anyone at www.johnbridge.com has any ideas.
    Jim DeBruycker
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    Put a vent in the glass block?
    Personally, I wouldn't put glass block there.

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    Put up a small shower curtain over the window...
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