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Thread: Professional opinions on these .

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    Default Professional opinions on these .

    I have read several threads where people are having problems with sand in their water systems . I just found a website that sells these sand seperators . If these work , might be a solution .


    LAKOS Sand Separators help to protect your home water system against sand from the well, which could plug up sink aerators, or plug up irrigation sprinkler heads. With a LAKOS Sand Separator you will no longer have to drain your hot water tank to remove sand and debris that has fallen to the bottom from your incoming water.

    LAKOS also makes sand separators that go into your well to protect your water well pump from pumping sand. This stops the sand problem at the source, before it can cause damage to your submersible pump.

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    Lakos separators work very well. I have used them for many years. However, the best solution is to have a well that does not make sand. Modern wells can be cased and gravel packed to make a filter out of the well casing itself. In this way sand never enters the well.

    A Lakos separator above ground will filter out most of the sand before it enters the house but, the pump system still has to pump the sand, which will destroy the pump.

    A Lakos separator that fits in the well and on the pump, will keep the pump from seeing the sand. However, the pump must be set a considerable distance off the bottom of the well. This reduces the available water stored in the well. Then the Lakos will also drop the filtered sand to the bottom of the well. Eventually the sand will fill up the well and you will have to pull the pump and bail out the sand.

    Without other options the Lakos is a good choice. Although spending a little more to have a well drilled that does not produce sand is by far the best option.

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    IMO this is a better choice. The pic on the left is a cut away view of the previous version, IIRC it now has the tank base in the pic on the right. That is with the optional automatic flush valve.
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