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Thread: sink disposer makes wierd noise

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    Default sink disposer makes wierd noise

    My garbage disposal -- GE brand 1/3 HP -- makes a racket now. A spoon got caught in it and it's never been the same. The performance seems fine grinding up food, but the motor gets really loud and sounds like it's winding out after the disposer starts clearing out.

    My question is if there's something I can do with this one, or if I need to go out and replace this model. I figure I'll spend a few more bucks and get the 1/2 HP. Also, if I get another GE, I believe I can use the existing strainer and hooks already installed. Any help is appreciated.


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    There may still be a piece of metal from the spoon in there. Close inspection possibly with a flashlight and an inspection mirror might reveal the problem. If the motor bearings have been damaged, or if one of the grinding blades has been damaged , then it is time for a new one. Any attempt to repair a small disposer beyond removing stuck items will cost far more than a whole new unit.


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