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Thread: Think the motor is the problem

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    Default Think the motor is the problem HELLLLLLP NOW PLS

    Took the pump apart to check why i t was not pumping. Cleaned out all the salt build up and put it all back together. it was pumping fine for an hour then it stopped. i didn't take much notice until the following morning and when i went to t he pump house to find out why the pump had stopped, pushed the reset button it went for about 5-1- seconds then cut out. i checked everything before i took the pump off again...took the wet end off and plugged it in. the motor wouldn't start up without a shove. Name:  Pic_0107_120.jpg
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Size:  65.8 KB I have tried to put a pic in as an attachment so you can see where i am on the pump. I am thinking it is the bearings, but cannot get the cover off to have a look. Can you help.
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    Default Bad Capacitor!

    It's probably a bad capacitor. The round thing on the top or in the back cover. It could be the start switch in the back under the cover is stuck or burnt out.


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