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Thread: Can I use a PVC j-bend to galvanized?

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    Default Can I use a PVC j-bend to galvanized?

    Greetings all,

    Our bathroom installation is chugging along and I have a quick question. In getting the old tub out the tub's drain pipe had to be cut out leaving me with basically the "down" part of the S trap (which is not PVC but galvanized metal) and nothing more.

    We are about to put a new tub in and, in preperation for that, I am trying to reconstruct the S trap so that the overflow and tub drain can connect back up to it.

    So basically I went to HD/Lowes and bought a $3 PVC "J bend" to replace the part of the S trap that had been cut away and removed.

    I will attach a picture here of what I have and what I bought. In the first picture the existing piping is the black part (bear with my horrible hand drawn photoshop drawing with the threads on the down turn. In green is what i bought which has the threaded connector. I am also attaching a picture of basically what i bought (a real picture). The guy said that I can simply clean up the threads on the metal pipe with a wire brush and then put some plumber's tape on it and carefully hand screw the PVC j bend onto it and then insert the overflow tube into the other end and be all set.

    Is this correct? I like the fact that it might only cost me $3 to fix but if PVC and galvanized require more than a $3 part to work correctly then I need to fix it.

    i should also state that we plan on selling this house so my main concern is on making it work but not neccessarily on making it the most expensive fix possible.

    thanks in advance!

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    Not a good idea, if you can go with PVC for the tail piece do it. Galvanize tyends to rot over time. Replace with PVC when you can this will save you future unnessary leaks.

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    The part that screws to the existing pipe should have come with a gasket...no pipe dope or tape should be needed.

    The other side is using a compression fitting, which also should have come with a gasket.
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