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Thread: sand point well

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    Default sand point well

    Hello all,
    I'm sure you've heard this before but I can't seem to find topics specific to my problem. In other word I am kinda dense and I need help.
    Time frame: 1 week
    Problem: It started after increase in washing machine use. I would lose pressure coming into washer and then into whole house. I thought it was screen on water inlet for washer, nope. Noticeable increase in time pump runs to desired pressure. When watching pressure guage in main water line, pump would kick on about 15 lbs. At around 20 psi the pump seems like it couldn't build any more pressure. Takes about 3-5 minutes to get up to 50 psi(cutoff). I checked pressure tank when empty and it is around 28-30 psi.
    Question: Can the impellers on the water pump go bad like on car water pump?
    I am finding small amounts of sand and rust in the screen on the washer. Enough to make my rag gritty and completely rust colored after wiping clean.
    Any info?? Help?? I am hoping it is the pump, that would be the cheapest fix for me right now. I would greatly appreciate all replies.

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    If your water pressure gauge is working properly & giving you an accurate reading you are having a problem with the pressure switch . The pressure shouldn't drop to 15 pounds before the pump kicks on . If the pump is cutting off at 50 pounds it should be cutting on at 30 pounds & the air pressure in the pressure tank should be 28 pounds with the pressure tank drained of water . I would address this problem first & yes sand can damage pumps .

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    Default Bad Well!

    It sounds to me like the well isn't giving up enough water for the pump. The sand in the system also indicates a well problem. The low pressure cut in indicates to me that sand is building up in the pressure switch diaphram preventing it from coming on when it should.

    Pumps don't build pressure the jet (venturi) does. I doubt that the pump is your problem and since it will eventually build up to 50 lbs. indicates to me the well is the problem.

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    I had a problem with my pump continously running at 48lbs and not able to reach the cut off of 50lbs. The pump intake got hot. I adjusted the cut off to 40 lbs and it cut off just fine. After the watering season was over I took the pump apart and discovered that the impeller was splitting where the vains meet the round disc part of the impeller. Replaced and it works fine. Why the impeller started to split in the first place, im not sure but may find out next spring.


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