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Thread: Sewage Ejector/Affluent Pump Installation

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    Default Sewage Ejector/Affluent Pump Installation

    I am looking at installing a sewage injector pump for a basement bathroom addition. All of the mechanical connections seem pretty straightforward, except for the venting of the sewage basin.

    Does the sewage basin vent need to be tied to the existing roof vent, or can it be vented directly outside. I am having difficulty in determining which drain stack goes to the roof vent. It would be much easier to run a vent directly out of the side of my basement. However, I am concerned to know if this would be acceptable to code, or if there would be a potential odor coming from the vent pipe on the outside of the house. The vent would be approximately 8 ft off of the ground from my walkout basement.


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    You should check with your local building inspector as to the regulations in your area. Often the stack must project 18-24" above the roof deck. Venting out a sidewall would not be allowed in my limited experience.


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