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    As part of a water savings project one of my children is working on we calculated how much water our toilets are using. With one 3.5 GPF and two 5 GPF toilets in the house it's time to replace some toilets. Here are our requirements. I'd appreciate any advice on what to choose.

    12" rough
    1.28 gallon flush (want to be green!)
    Round front (smaller bathrooms)
    Standard height (young kids)
    WaterSense label ($100 rebate from water company)
    Parts easily available for repairs (husband's requirement!)

    The local big box store doesn't have any good 1.28 GPF models. The only choices were flapperless and I've read they don't perform well.

    Two options I have come up with are:

    Toto EcoDrake CST743E, local plumbing supply store
    American Standard Cadet 3 Flowise 2829.128, special order at big box store

    Thank you for the help!

    WaterSense Toilets for Los Angeles and the Seattle Area

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