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Thread: Can I hookup a dishwasher here?

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    Default Can I hookup a dishwasher here?

    Hi all,

    It looks like at some point in time there was a washing machine in my kitchen. There are hookups for hot and cold water and what looks like a drain (see pictures, below). There is an outlet right next to these that is on its own 20 amp circuit. My question is, can I hookup a dishwasher here? From what I gather I would need to connect the hot water line and run the drain to this here drain hole. Would this work?



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    I would bush down the supply at the valve and not run a washer hose to the DW and then bush down there. Also the DW manufacturer most likely has a height requirement for the drain. That standpipe might exceed the manufacturers recommendation.

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    Default Dw

    IT would not be the prettiest installation, but would work if done correctly.


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