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Thread: Toilet/plumbing mystery...

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    Default Toilet/plumbing mystery...

    We have had a urine like smell that is stronger when the shower is or has recently been run. Twice in less than a week the plumbing has backed up and Roto Rooter has been out to clean the drain from the clean out to the street. My kitchen sink also leaked underneath. Now, three days later the toilet in the bathroom with the smell is blocking up. Have flushed with buckets of water. Flows with sucking/gurgling sound. What do I do now? Ideas? Are these problems related?

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    Where did your kitchen lav leak from and did roto rooter come out to clear a blockage or was it an attempt to rid you of the urine smell

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    Bottom line is, your drain is still clogged. RR does not enjoy a happy relationship with the professional plumbers on this forum, and I would suggest you contact a licensed plumber who has the proper knowledge and equipment to clear your drain and determine what problems you may have that are causing the clogging. Problems can range from no-no materials being flushed to a broken drain line, no way for us to offer any advice or opinions on the cause other than guessing and that is pretty much useless. You need a real professional on site to determine what needs to be done.


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