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Thread: 3 ways shower diverter- Latoscana by Paini?

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    Default 3 ways shower diverter- Latoscana by Paini?

    Picture on Home Depot Website:

    I am having issues trying to install this divertor in my new shower. It has four openings (Top, Bottom, Left, and Right).
    I only need water to go to my shower head (I don't have a bath tub or any other accessories). My friend installed it by bringing in the hot water in the left side, the cold in the other side, and the top going to the shower head, and we capped off the bottom outlet (my buddy said I didn't need it since I don't have a bathtub).
    The issue I had was the water was somehow mixing and I was not getting hot water in the rest of the house. Once I cut the CPVC pipes going to divertor, and capped them off, the issue went away, and now I have hot water in the rest of the house.
    In the Directions they only have directions for two and three way applications. Under the 2-way applications it states: Do not plug any outlets on this divertor. the divertor is not intended to be used as a shut-off valve. if less than three accessories are installed, connect the unused divertor port to on of the accessories. all outlet ports must be connected to an accessory, even if one accessory is connected to 2 transfer valve outlet ports. install 1/2" pipe to for both accessories. use a tee to connect two of the outlet ports.
    I don't under stand where the hot and cold come in because in the diagram for two way applications it just shows: "mixed water supply (1/2" NPT piping)" coming in the bottom outlet, and then the left outlet comes straight out and t's into the top outlet going to the shower head, and the right outlet is just labeled as an accessory line and is by itself, the top pipe is labeled as an accessory line, but like i said the left one connect to the top.
    Where do my hot and cold come into this thing...i am assuming i will take whatever remaining ports I don't need and connect them into the same pipe going to the shower head?
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