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Thread: New DW recommendation

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    Default New DW recommendation

    Our 1996 Bosch DW recently developed a serious short in the time timer which blew the switch out. Repairs will cost too much, so we are looking to replace with a fairly high end machine in the $800 or so range. We like the looks of the Bosch SHE45MO5UC, but have a question about their method of drying dishes with condensation drying. We are not restricting our choice to this brand or model, but we did like out old Bosch and our repairman recommended the new Bosch as a good choice. Advice and opinions welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Swart View Post
    . Repairs will cost too much, ....

    Good reason not to buy a Bosch. Upper end GE Monogram or Whirlpool should be very nice.

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    For that price range you should be able to get something pretty decent. My previous dishwasher was a Maytag that got recalled. Through the recall they offered to have somebody come out to fix it or they offered $75 toward purchasing a new unit but limited to their brands. We ended up getting a mid level Kitchen Aid. We only have a year or two on the new Kitchen Aid and so far we have been happy with the performance. There is a substantial difference between the construction of the the old Maytag and the new Kitchen Aid. I like to find online reviews for big purchases like this, but it may be difficult to find reviews on particular models.

    Although we have been happy with our Kitchen Aid, not all models come out well in the reviews.

    I've heard good things about Bosch and that model you mentioned seems to get good reviews.

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    I would suggest you look at whirlpool in terms of overall quality. However if you want something really fancy, then electrolux makes some nice units.
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