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Thread: Pump Cycling Question

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    Default Best pump!

    Speedbumb sells Betta Flow pumps and I like them. I knew the people that started Betta Flow years ago. They build a good reliable pump.

    However there are other good pumps out there! Just purchase a major manufactured pump and preferably not from a home improvement store. Stay away from a VFD pump.

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    OK guys,......now another question!
    I just looked at the site posted, and the pump section.
    How do I figure out what I have as far as the GPM curve?

    Take a couple 5 gallon paint buckets, and see how many a fully opened hose will fill in one minute?
    I presume this relates to the capacity of the well so that the pump does not overrun the supply water?

    Yes,.......I know I am a pain!

    BTW: I think I paid right at 900 bucks for the whole job last time, and it was done around 10pm at night,......guess that wasn't too bad.
    The one I replaced myself years before, I got from Ferguson where I had an account for boiler parts. I think that pump ran me about 200 bucks. That was a long time ago though. I don't want to replace another one by hand anyway.
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    The garden hose method will only tell you how much water can come out of a hose bibb and a garden hose. Not what the well and pump will do.

    Remember that pipe size is a big factor in gallons per minute and pressure and pressure loss. If you want to figure out how much your well pump can do, you will have to unhook it at the well at the pipe that leaves the well (size matters) and do a bucket test there. Let the pump run open discharge for 10 - 15 minutes to let the water level stabalize. Then do your test. If you want to get fancy, you can install a ball valve with a gauge so you can pressure it up to 40 - 50 lbs to see what it will do at sprinkler pressure. This is the best way.



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