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Thread: Dirty well water

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    It is so sad to read that a so called driller will not come back and do his job.
    A driller is paid to get you usable water(hopefully drinkable), and yet after hes gone. There is dirty water coming out the tap.
    To give a costumer clean water IS the drillers job. If someone wants dirty water, all they have to do is go to a ditch after a rain and get a glass of dirty water.
    You should call the driller back, and show him the dirty water, and ask him why its dirty, and how can he fix it..
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    around here one could contact the local water management district and talk to the head of well construction for the area. those are the guys that issue/revoke drilling licenses. bad it should come to that, but apparently your driller needs a reality check. he needs to make good.

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    In our area we use really small gravel to gravel pack the well. This filters out the sand and sediment before it enters the well casing. If I couldn't clear it up in a day or two, I would be over drilling you a new well for free, because I apparently didn't get the gravel pack right.

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    I live in SE Georgia, above the Floridan aquifer. We have deep wells into that for our water. I have watched them drill and service pumps here and what they do before installing the pump is run a pipe to the bottom of the well, we're talking about 300 feet or so, and connect a big air compressor, like a jackhammer compressor, to it and blow it out. You wouldn't believe the black mess that comes out of an old well when they replace the pump. After that the water is crystal clear.


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