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Thread: Valley Shower Handle Cartridge

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    Default Valley Shower Handle Cartridge

    I have a valley one handle shower that is leaking from the tub spout. I have purchased a replacement cartridge from home depot. It matches very well. I changed it out and the tub spout still leaks when the water is turned on. I am not sure if I need to change the bonnet nut on the shower as well or if I missed a step.

    I took the old cartridge out and just stuck in the new one, matching the notch on the side of the cartridge with the core of the faucet. Placed the faucet stem in the same orientation as it was in the old one. I was not sure about the two holes in the back of the cartridge, when installed the holes seem to align with the holes in the back of the core of the faucet. The front part of the cartridge was a separate piece and I matched the notch with the top of the cartridge that I just installed. It seemed to fit nicely. I screwed on the bonnet nut pretty tight. Turned on the water and it was still leaking a steady stream from the tub spout.

    I uninstalled everything and tried it again only this time I made a mistake and I did not have the bonnet nut screwed on and then I turned on the water and blew everything out of the core of the faucet. The inside of the faucet core was dripping a small amount of water from the holes after I made this mistake. (I know, that was dumb, I probably have no business attempting this repair but I cannot afford a plumber at this time.) Hopefully this mistake did not damage the faucet itself.

    The cartridge seems to be okay. I put it all back together and the faucet is still leaking a steady stream from the tub spout.

    In the process of changing out the shower the bonnet nut has been damaged on the outside. I cannot get it any tighter at this point. Should there be an O ring inside this bonnet nut? Will tightening this bonnet nut stop the leak? Is it possible to fix this problem by purchasing a new bonnet nut? I can get another one from an online website for about $6.00. I was not sure if I missed anything else or not.

    I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Most Valley's used the rubber seat and spring set up. It is that rubber seat which will fix the leak. Did your valve have rubber seats under the cartridge?

    Valley has been out of business so long that parts become more scarce each year. Be ready at some point to have to replace the whole valve.

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    No, there was no rubber seat behind the cartridge and the cartridge did not come with one. There is a stop bushing in the bonnet nut, would that help the leak if I change it? Do you think I could purchase a "generic" rubber seat and spring to make this stop leaking?

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    There are NO generic parts for faucets. There are name brand, and "off brand" but each part is for a specific make and model. '

    How about a pic.? Valley had at least 5 different cartridges, so we need to se what you have.

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    Talking Valley faucets....are easy .

    Valley faucets were one of the best ones you could put
    in a home besides delta...back in the 70 s and 80s....

    all you need to do is get a pair of needle nose pliers
    and a flashlight and smilpy pry the old washers and springs out of the body of the faucet...

    they are probably so old it will be like pulling teeth
    you might have to literally take a screw driver and break up the old washers to get them
    to come out...

    but they will come out....thay are right in front of your nose...
    and all you go to do is do it......it is fairley =easy...

    but once you get them out,
    flugh out the faucet body with a blast of water into the tub...

    then all you got to do is put back in the new springs and washers...

    Valley cartridges usually come with the washers and springs...

    then the cartridge, then the nut with a little grease on it

    have fun...

    then it should work...

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    Default valley

    The seat and spring kit do not come with the cartridge. You buy them separately, and they are the reason for a faucet leak, not the cartridge. You MUST install them according to the directions because there is an "up" and "down" to them.

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    Thank you Mark! You were right the seat and springs were right in front of my nose. I thought it was just two holes in the core of the faucet. I pulled the seats out and replaced them. Fortunately, when I bought the cartridge, I purchased a little valley faucet repair kit from home depot that included the two seats and various O rings but no springs. So far it stopped leaking. At least I can turn on the water in my house now. I will send away for a seat and spring set from a website I found that sells valley parts and replace both the seats and springs when I get it. This shower should work for a while longer now.

    Thanks HJ, I was very careful to note the direction of the seat as I took it out so I could replace it correctly.

    Guess I'll go take a shower now


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