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Thread: Kohler AMFAG Sprayer - Cartridge ??

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    Default Kohler AMFAG Sprayer - Cartridge ??

    I have a Kohler kitchen faucet and the cartridge is bad. The only number or letters I can find is on the pull out sprayer and it is AMFAG. I have looked all over the cartridge and I do not find any numbers. Does anyone have any idea how I can find this out?

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    Call Kohler, they can help you figure it out. Otherwise, a plumbers suggestion is to throw the faucet in the trash and get a faucet made by a company with half a brain.

    You can also go to their website and search for the faucet on their website. If you can get to this forum you can use their site, most of my customers don't know how to use the internet so I end up using it for them because the people in the supply house usually couldn't tell me either.

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    Thanks for your help. You are probably right - I just need to buy a new faucet!


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