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Thread: 30 - 50psi or 40 -60psi

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    Default 30 - 50psi or 40 -60psi

    Can anybody give me the pros and cons of increasing my pressures to 40/60psi..I presently have 30/50psi.....would like a wee bit more pressure..can the fixtures take it? whole system is less than two years old,Duro 1/2hpJetPump, Wellxtrol 200pro, Culligan Merit Water Softner ,Moen faucets, etc. One Toilet ,one vanity sink,shower,kitchen sink, dishwasher,two outside hose bibs, washing machine

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    Yes go to the higher pressure rateing on your pump

    It really isnt that much higher and everything will work fine....

    maybe change out the washing machine hoses

    mayube the ballcocks but thats about it

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    Default psi

    Houses that are not on pump systems often start at 60 psi and go up from there so you should have no problem with the greater pressure.


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