Hey Guys -

My wife picked out this tub and ordered it from our bathroom designer. She likes it because it's a true corner tub but if I had been involved I would have vetoed because a normal drop-in oval "garden tub" would be much easier to install.

In the meantime, I haven't seen the tub yet but I've downloaded the installation instructions from Kohler and it seems to be somewhat more complicated than an oval or square deck-mounted tub. Any of you guys here have experience with this thing and how it's installed? I would like to just nail the flange into the wall and otherwise mount the front of it into a normal tiled (whirlpool) tub deck but the installation instructions are designed more for the "optional" aprons and end panels and "corner post". I am completely lost here. Intuitively it seems possible to do it my way but I can't find any reference to a "drop in" installation.

Anyone have any experience or insight? Here are the installation guide and the rough-in sheet , if they might help.