I have a few questions about tankless water heaters. My parents were considering installing one in their house when I realized a pontential alternate use for the heaters. I hope these questions fit the purpose of this site, as it is the only place where I can find people with the knowledge to answer my questions. I work on racecars that require the engines to be heated to about 160-180 degrees before they are started. The current engine heaters on the market cost 3500 dollars and I am trying to find a cheaper and better alternative. Could a tankless water heater be combined with a pump, mounted on a small cart and used to circulate and heat about 2 gallons of water? Could they heat the water to those temps if the temperature safety switch was removed? Could they withstand temps that high? Could a 110 or 220 v generator power one? Is there a particular model that would work best? Any help is appreciated.