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Thread: Basic questions about Zoeller pumps and installation

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    Default Basic questions about Zoeller pumps and installation

    My apologies for these really basic questions:
    1. I think I want to replace the cheapo primary pump that our builder installed with a Zoeller, and am thinking that a separate switch plus N53 (non-automatic) would make it simplest to replace the switch when it fails. If I understand correctly, what I need is a piggyback switch that I can just plug the pump into, correct? If so, does it matter whether the switch is pump up vs. pump down? If it does, which do I need to get?
    2. Also, any recommendations between types or brands of switches? I think I've read somewhere about SJE Rhombus VerticalMaster switches being good -- are they better than Zoeller or other switches?
    3. How does the discharge pipe get attached to the pump? The installation instructions don't mention anything about it. Is there some kind of compression fitting, or threaded PVC pipe?
    4. On a different note, would 2 N53s fit in an 18" sump pit? I'm considering using a second N53 as a backup, and tying it to a 1500W battery-powered DC/AC inverter to deal with pump/switch/power failures. Any reason that's a bad idea?


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    Well to save yourself a lot of trouble if you have your heart set on a inverter with two ac pumps in the pit. http://www.sumpro.com/sumproplat.htm

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    An N-53 with an SJE Rhombus vertical master is an excellent combination. I personally use this switch with Hydromatic pumps. Connection to pump is easy with a PVC adapter (1.5 inch threaded male/1.5 inch smooth female end)...can be found at any hardware store. A second N-53 powered by an inverter is OK if you are there, but my backup system is one designed for 12v DC operation (Zoeller Aquanot II). An AC powered pump using an inverter drains a battery far more quickly in a power outage situation.


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