Given the failure of the integral float switch in less than one year of operation, I'm interested in the members' opinion of the ABS Robusta sump pump.

My plumber installed a submersible ABS Robusta 1/2 hp pump in Feb 2008 after the existing 1/3 hp Rigid pedestal pump failed to move the water out of my sump pit leading to basement flooding. the flooding occurred after 3.0" of rain in 18 hours or less. The 1/3 hp Rigid was fine, operationally, but couldn't handle the volume. Ultimately, about 1.0" of water covered the basement despite 2 hastly purchased floor suckers from Flotech and my 2nd sump pump running as well.

It didn't help, of course, that the 1/3 hp Rigid was discharging into a 2" pipe, for about 30ft under floor trusses to a common exit from the basement, where it was joined by the discharge of a 1/2 hp Rigid pedestal pump in the second sump pit in my basement.

The plumbers solution was to split the discharge of each pump to separate 2" pipe and install the ABS Robusta 1/2 hp pump. We did the separation with a hack saw during the rain storm and that helped. It was clear that even with its own exhaust, the 1/3 hp Rigid just wouldn't cover the expected volume from that pit.

The ABS Robusta has been fine, but I've since learned that the integral float switch has a much shorter travel than the adjustable pedestal float on the Rigid. The mechanical switch in the float in the ABS has now failed.

From this brief background, I have several questions for the members.

1. Does anyone have any opinions about the ABS Robusta? reliability? reputation? etc.? Success/failure stories?

2. Shouldn't my plumber have recognized the limitations in the short travel of the integral float and recommended installation of a separate float or other switch that would have dealt with the higher level of water? (I didn't know much about sump pumps at that time)

3. Is it likely that ABS will replace the pump under warranty?

Thanks for your input.