I was pointed towards a Beckett product called the HeatManager by a fellow forum dweller "RedWood" who just so happens to also live in CT!! while on another thread

I began doing my own homework on the product and got several of my coworkers onboard to also get one. In a nutshell this is a "computer" that attaches to your HotWater boiler that saves energy by economizing your heating/burner cycles.

In our research we came across a product made called Intellicon HW+($180+/- online) that very closely resembled the Beckett Heatmanager($150+/- online). The first most apparent difference was a nifty LCD display to provide feedback. Our pooled research also led us to find that the same company makes the Beckett units. Those according to our research are essentialy a barebones version "processor wise" of their own intellicon HW+ and has no display.

Keep in mind all this research was being done while OIL was sky high per gallon. I'm on nat gas, and just wanted to save some money$$$. The websites claim guarantee's of 10% and some individuals claiming 20-30% on other blogs.

I've been running for about 1.5months now and my readout display of total savings is at 32.5%!!! This number fluctuates but has stayed above 30% for a few weeks now.

Installation was a breeze and took about 15mins. I tried to get all my co-workers to do their own installation, but not are all so brave. One had their boiler tech install it for about $75 I think.

The rest of us did our own installs. The funny thing is the one that was professionally installed was installed upside-down so the LCD is hard to read, and not very neat. All the DIY installs came out very clean.

Just wanted to share my experiences with other people who are considering something like this. I'll be glad to answer any questions.