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Thread: Problem with deep well twin pipe system

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    Default Problem with deep well twin pipe system

    We recently moved into this house that has a deep well twin pipe pump for watering outdoor animals and garden. The tube that goes from the pump to the tank(water reservoir) popped off from the pvc that comes out of the tank and water went all over the floor in the well house and spilled outside. No telling how long it had been doing that when we noticed it. Could have been at most 24 hours. The ground in front of the pump house where the water flowed out was like quick sand (but now its firm again). Anyway we unplugged the pump to get the water to stop spraying out of the tube from the pump and refitted the tube. Plugged the pump back in and the pump kicked on, we turned on the faucet and water came out just fine. We hooked up a heater in the pump house because we thought maybe the water in the tube had frozen causing it to pop off. The next day there was no water coming out of the faucet. I tried to prime the unit to see if that was the problem. It has water in the pump so seems to already be primed. We thought maybe the heater we had plugged in was taking up too much power in the pump house so we unplugged it. Still nothing. Turned on the faucet right beside the pump, little bit of air came out. no water though. The pump hasn't kicked on since. Not sure what the problem is.

    It is a Goulds horizontal jet pump. Deep well twin pipe. Not sure what model, says B667-soj but couldn't find anything on google for it. Not sure what to do next. Really would like to avoid hiring someone. Money is short so need to try and fix it myself.

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    I think your pump overheated and the heat caused the failure of the PVC pipe. Overheating can be caused by a blocked foot valve or the jet in the j-body the foot valve is on down in the well on the bottom of the two pipes. That would require pulling the pipes out of the well.

    If the pump did overheat, the impeller is probably ruined and that is why you don't get any water. Does the motor run at all when the pressure is down to 20 or below? You do have a gauge right?
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    You need to figure out if the it's electrical or mechanical. Does the motor run? If not, that is why you don't have water. You need to check out why the motor isn't getting electricity. If the motor does run, Gary's probably right, your impeller could be nuked.

    I doubt freezing would have caused that pipe to pop off. It would have more likely broken the pump housing or split a pipe.



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