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Thread: PF/2 Energizer "whines" loudly when flushed

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    Default PF/2 Energizer "whines" loudly when flushed

    (Also accidentally posted in plumbing forum before I saw the toilet forum, so sorry for the double-posting).

    *** I have a PF/2 Energizer, model 150-403 in an Eljer 141-700 (actually I have three of these). Two of them have developed a "whining" sound when flushed and one also has weakened flushing. Is there something a home handy-person can do to remedy this (I have the user guide and tools)?

    Thanks, Jeff

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    Your answer is over there.

    The PF/2 Energizer system has been discontinued. Sloan Flushmate offers a changeout kit for more fixtures. The kit contains everything needed to change out the system to Flushmate. Below is the list of OEM tank model numbers and Flushmate part numbers for the changeout kit.
    Crane Tank # 3612, FM KIT M-101526-F3CK
    Eljer Tank # 141-7000, FM KIT M-101526-F3EK
    Peerless Tank # 1, FM KIT M-101526-F3PK
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