Location: Spring Lake, NC

Water Heater: Electric, Bradford White

Model #: M250S6DS2

Concern: Cold Water Inlet "Overflow" Is Active


Hello, my name is Rod. Thank you for taking the time to assist me. Please forgive my ignorance of water heater know-how. This is precisely why I request your assistance. (smile) Firstly, I do not know if what I refer to as the "overflow" is indeed an overflow. But, it is definitely attached to the cold water inlet. I recently had my water heater wrapped and noticed some water underneath it yesterday. Not a lot of standing water, but enough to tap your finger against it and make a small 'splash'. You can see in the photo the area beneath the drain valve I had wiped dry. I unwrapped the unit and proceeded to trouble shoot- the drain valve was dry, as well as the TPRV discharge tube. But I did notice moisture coming from a 1/2" PVC tube connected to the cold water inlet.

This is what I refer to as an overflow, if that is correct. I wiped the area dry and directed the PVC tube into a bucket. I checked the bucket 24 hours later (today), and it had about an inch of water in it. The area around the base of my water heater was dry. So, the water heater itself is not leaking.
Of course, the water came from the PVC tube attached to the cold water inlet.

If this is an overflow, please enlighten me on how it is activated, and how often this should occur.

If it is not an overflow PVC tube, please educate me on its purpose along with anything I should be concerned about.

Thank you for your time.