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Thread: Toto Ultramax, Could be happier, another option?

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    Default Toto Ultramax, Could be happier, another option?

    Replaced an old builders special high flow last year with the Toto Ultramax one piece elongated, non-Sanagloss, 1.6gal. The Ultramax flushes well, doesn't sound too loud, has never run slowly or clogged but it has a drawback.

    Solid waste seems to leave skid marks sometimes (more often than not). It is mostly under the waterline but sometimes above the waterline as well. This residue doesn't go away when initially flushed or even on a second flush. We must brush after intial flush and then flush again. Of course this seems to defeat the purpose of the low flush and is a bother to boot.

    Are any others experiencing this unsightly and embarassing problem? Is there something we could do to solve this problem? We are about to redo 2 more bathrooms and like the Toto but for this drawback. Is there another model that is better? Would the Sanagloss option fix this problem?

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    The Sanagloss version is better.

    With only 1.6 gallons, it is different.
    You do have the option of holding the handle down to drop another gallon or two.


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