Hi all...new here and very new to well pump installation. Our Flotec pump burned out (I am assuming), purchased new one, have already installed...well..95% of the way. Following is my info:

1: 4" submersible pump
2: age of well if known = 6 years
3: depth of well if known = 350' (by measurement of pipe we pulled out)
4: diameter of well if known = 6"
5: voltage of pump if known = 230 VAC
6: brand of pump = Flotec 1Hp Model FP2232
7: size of tank if known = Not Sure, small only about 4' tall - Pre-charged

Here is my dilemma....this is my 1st ever pump installation. We lowered the pump, etc and got to the last 15' 1" hose, which by then ws very heavy of course.

I have one of these well caps that is constructed with a split steel base on top, with 4 hex bolts and a thick rubber gasket on the bottom (original that was in place when well was built). A plumber friend of mine (whom is out of town for the week) told me to put a little bit of vaseline on the gasket to ease the fit into the well standpipe. It was almost dark by this point and my wife, well, put "alot" of vaseline around the edge whilst myself and two others were holding the weight of the pump, etc. Lowered the cap down.

I am clueless as to how these caps work, but pretty much figured out by tightening the hex bolts, something within the gasket spreads it out to form the seal and securing the 1" hose. Well, as I tightened, the right half of the split cap popped out of the standpipe and kept popping out hence too much lube. What do I need to do now....lift this back out and thoroughly clean the vaseline off? I am very nervous doing this as I am afraid of losing the pump.

What is the correct procedure for tightening these caps? I am assuming the split piece should be even on each side and meet flush with the other piece. What actually is inside this gasket that makes it spread out? That is mystifying to me.

Will this cap provide enough "grasp" to hold this weight? You don't want to know how I found it (the original install)

Also, why in the world is this well so deep? I can shine a flashlight down the pipe and see water maybe less than 100" down.

I also had forgeign matter go down with the hose...ie: dirt particles, etc. I assume that leaving the pump sit over night any of this should have settled to the bottom and will be ok.

Thanks so much for your help...we have been out of water since Tuesday morning....