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Thread: portable dishwasher splashing problem

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    Default portable dishwasher splashing problem

    I have a Whirlpool portable dishwasher that works fine with the current faucet connector. The problem is that when not using the dishwasher, the faucet has an undirected water stream that splashes around the sink and the nearby counters.

    I bought an inexpensive rubber item in the hardware store that was suppose to simply go over the faucet outlet when not using the dishwasher. However, it doesn't fit without using incredible force to get it over the connector, and so is not suitable for my needs.

    Any ideas on other sorts of easy on/easy off connectors that can go on and off over my permanently-in-place dishwasher connector?


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    Having a hard time visualizing this.Every portable DW I know of,you have a aerator/adapter that replaces the original faucet aerator.When you want to use the DW,you hook the connector to the aerator adapter,and when you are done you disconnect it.The aerator should direct the water flow.
    Are you hooking up to something other than a kitchen faucet? Can we see a pix? The connector is not intended to stay permanently hooked up to the faucet.

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    Your adapter is not working properly. The hose should bypass the aerator when connected by pushing the internal part upwards, and when it is disconnected the aerator mechanism should snap back into its position. Yours must not be doing that, or someone has removed the aerator components.

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    Default Thanks for the help

    It seems like the consensus so far is that my dishwasher adapter is not working properly. The adapter is connected to the faucet, and works well when I roll the dishwasher over and connect it to the faucet.

    When the dishwasher is not connected, is when I experience the splash problem.

    So, I will unscrew the very bottom part of the adapter to see what, if anything, is inside it. Apparently I should find a washer of some kind, and perhaps a small screen, Yes?

    This problem exists because I have just moved into a rent-house, and have never used a portable dishwasher before, so know little about how it is supposed to work.

    Linda M


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