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Thread: Water softener draining

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    Default Water softener draining

    I was wondering if you could give me some advice on the best place to have my water softener drain. I have a septic system and I do not know if it is best for the water to drain directly into the septic system or to drain into the sump pump. I also live on a lake. Thank you!

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    The EPA says there is no problem putting the discharge into a normally operating septic system. They also say the 'extra' water is actually helpful. Millions of softener are connected to the septic system but, there are 3-4 states that still ban it. Those states say to use a dry well. And I think your mention of living by a lake goes to polluting the lake which I would be concerned about or polluting your well if you used a dry well or a sump pump.

    I say it should go into the septic.
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    best for the water to drain directly into the septic system or to drain into the sump pump
    I would first find out where the sump pump is discharging it's water.


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    Thank you. That was all very helpful

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