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Thread: Unclip handle hose for moen single?

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    Default Unclip handle hose for moen single?


    I have a moen single handled faucet and need to unhook the line that feeds the hand held part (that the water comes out of) from the main faucet assembly.

    The installation instructions show that there are two clip like things on an intermediate piece that connect the metal hose from the handheld to the faucet base. The instructions show that you can use your hands to close these clips when installing.

    Do I just need to pry these open somehow to disconnect the hose? I don't want to damage anything.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Is this a kitchen sink faucet?

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    I know the ones you are talking about...
    Tell you the truth I have installed them but never removed one yet.
    I guess I better look the next one I install over real close to see how they come back apart.

    You might want to give Moen a call 1-800-BUY-MOEN

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    Default clip

    The clip usually has a provision on the other side from the one you pushed to close it that you push to release it. If not, then pry it out.

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    Default Successfully Removed

    Thanks everyone for the reply. It is a kitchen faucet.

    There was a white plastic clip that had a flat side and two flange like things that go through either side of a barrell shaped piece that slides over the pipe from the faucet base.

    Pushing the flat side causes the flanges to snap around the pipe holding the barrell shaped piece in place.

    I pushed out the flanges with my fingers and it unsnapped.

    Thanks for the direction!


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    Default Clarification

    Just wanted to clarify the above.

    The bits I described as "flanges" are more like tangs that go on either side of the barrel into which the end of the hose fits.

    The tangs are part of a U-shaped piece of plastic, the bottom of the U is flat and, when pushed, causes the tangs to snap over the barrel and hold in the hose.

    To remove, I pressed the tangs apart e.g. widening the U - and they slid back out from over the barrel, freeing the hose.

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