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Thread: Crane Toilet-To-Go Flush Valve/Ball/Bell

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    Default Crane Toilet-To-Go Flush Valve/Ball/Bell


    I've got a Crane Toilet-To-Go (about a year old). This toilet has a very odd flush valve. It's a bell shaped contraption, where the bell is the flapper/valve and the top of the bell is the overflow. The bell is attached, with a plastic anchor, to the tank/bowl valve seat.

    The valve seat is raised, with no external anchor for a replacement valve/flapper like a normal toilet.

    My problem is that the fill/float assembly was worthless. You couldn't fine tune it enough to hit the fill mark yet not overflow into the bell. The tank is a 1.6G so you have to get right at the fill mark otherwise nothing flushes. I've replaced it with a pressure related fill valve, however I'm still having problems hitting the mark.

    I'd like to replace the valve, but I'll need to replace the entire valve and valve seat. I'm not sure which "universal valve and valve seat" parts will fit this toilet. Any ideas?

    Installation instructions
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