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Thread: 12" to 14" rough-in problems

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    Default 12" to 14" rough-in problems

    I live in a home built in 1930. In February, my original toilet was leaky and ran to the point that I replaced it. I bought a Kohler Memoirs round bowl toilet (with a 12" rough-in). When I put it in, I realized it was 3.5" from the wall, and besides looking ridiculous, our knees hit the cupboard across from the toilet in our very small bathroom.

    Discovering that I had to move the 4" pipe to move the toilet, I used this as an impetus to re-do the bathroom. Contracting the work myself, I hired a plumber to move the 4" pipe, among other things. He removed the toilet, and moved the pipe. After the tile and everything else was ripped out and replaced, he came back and installed the toilet.

    Now, the toilet is 2 3/8" from the wall. My plumber claimed that he measured for a 12" rough-in, and that I must have purchased a toilet with at 10" rough-in. Well, Kohler doesn't make a Memoirs with anything but a 12" rough-in. He messed up.

    However, regardless of fault, I'm stuck with a problem: do I rip up my brand new stone floor to move the pipe? Or can I buy a new toilet or adjust my current one to fix this problem?

    I have a Memoirs sink, and I would like a toilet with a similar "look" if not exactly the same model. Of the 14" rough-in toilets that I can find on the internet, none seem to be that look, all are pretty plain. Then I saw this Toto adapter, but where I found it there was no explanation of how it works. Could I use the 14" rough to 12" rough version to fix my problem? How well would that work?


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    First you need to measure what you have.

    The measurement is from the wall, to the center of the drain.
    If you measure to the center of the bolt caps, that should be close.

    11.25" to 13.25" you would be using a 12" rough bowl.

    13.25" or more, you can use a 14" rough-in.

    The 14" Unifit will move the toilet back 2" but you need at least 13.25" to the center of the drain.

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    Default toilet

    A 12" toilet on a 14" rough would only have 2" plus whatever the normal space would be if it were installed on a 12" rough pipe. so normally that would be about 2 3/4", not 3 3/4", unless the Memoir is designed to have almost 2" behind it on a normal 12" rough pipe. You can measure your pipe to see how it was installed by using a ruler to measure from the wall to the bolts. The plumber might have put it in at 12 1/2" or so to allow for future variations in toilets, and it could just be that Kolhler gives a lot of latitude in their 12" specification to allow for wide variations in construction.

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    The mid points of my bolts are 13" from the wall, but my tank is 2.25" from the wall. I really need to move the toilet back and inch or two.

    will the adapter work? what would a 12" to 10" adapter do?


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