Hey everyone, I have pressure problem. Last Sunday night we lost all water flow from our well . I was only able that night to check the electrical supply to the pump that night. no breakers were tripped. Monday morning I dug the dirt out from around the well pump cover box. The big ugly green fiberglass one.

As a note, a few months back I installed an injecter pump at the well pump and noticed that the original installer (the house is 3 years old) had scorched one of the the main power leads to the pressure switch. You can't find good help these days. Anyway, the wire that was scorched has eroded thru and broke away from the switch but not without distroying the connector screw on the switch itself. I went and bought a new 30-50 pressure switch and installed it. Removing the burnt section of wire and using connector ends on all the wires.

All was good and the wife was happy. I did notice however that the pressure in the shower seemed a little less than before. Today when I showered the pressure was even more less and during my wife's shower the pressure was completely deleted and it took 10+ minutes before pressure started to return after she was done .

Question, is the problem with the switch or could the little blue pressure tank the culprit? I'm at work now and can't check things until this afternoon. I don't remember seeing a pressure gauge at the pump anywhere. If there is no gauge on the pump or tank, how do I check the pressure switch settings?

Thanks in advance,