Hi all. First post. Longstanding problem. I'm tired of it.

Been in this house 10 years. Two baths, two toilets separated by a wall. Both are cheapo AS Plebes. Toilet #1 has never had what I would call a strong flush, but has only clogged a very few times in 10 years. Bath #2 has a slightly weaker flush than #1, and clogs often (often as in 10-12 times a year). One year ago I pulled #2 and snaked pipe as far as I could get (4' - 5', short snake). Also rebuilt internals and am positive that was done properly. Ended up with same flush results. Also tried running a hose down the vent pipe. No changes. For a more detailed descript, when "clogging", the material doesn't seem to make it over the trap. A quick plunge and all is well.

Last week: Pulled #2. Tried dumping 5 gals of water down pipe a couple times at a high rate. Took it no problem. Replaced it with toilet from #1 bath. Same weak results. Put #2 toilet in #1 bath and it works the same as the previous toilet. So issue seems to be with pipe config in bath #2 as the problem is independent of toilet.

My question: Based on the above, what are the chances I would improve the situation in bath #2 merely by replacing the toilet with a Toto Drake or AS Cadet 3? I'm assuming the venting must not be just exactly perfect, but am hoping a good toilet might overcome a less than ideal drain config.

Really looking forward to reading opinions on this.