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Thread: Water heater reset?

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    Question Water heater reset?

    Please excuse me, this is my husband forums, but I feel like I have to try. We have a small apartment building (3 units) and a call came in that a water heater is not heating. The breaker is the first place I told her to look. She said something about a reset button. Is there a reset button??? Our personal water heater is gas and I don't think there is a reset button. Each unit has an electrical heater beyond that I know it heats water. Chris

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    Yes , there is a reset button on the thermostat on an electric water heater . Sometimes just resetting the button solves the problem but it will probably trip again due to another problem with the heater .

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    Thank you, I will give it a try. Don't ever buy an apartment building it is an endless money pit!

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    I checked the elements with a continuity tester and both elements checked out ok. This little tester has an LED on it and lit upon testing both elements. I tried the reset button on the top element and it did not seem to be tripped. I put the tester on the thermostat and it checked out ok as well as the bottom one. There does not appear to be any leaks anywhere. It has two 4500 watt elements in it. Then I tried the wires coming to the heater with the breaker turned back on testing with a Fluke T2 electrical tester and all I could get was the continuity beeper. I take that to mean that the breaker may be shot. I am sure there should be some type of resistance scale or value as to whether or not an element is weak as well as the thermostat. I am getting ready to leave for work as I work nights driving truck. Also what is the best way to test for a bad breaker. Thank you all for your time and input as I am always willing to learn from the experts. Dale

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    Never mind continuity, do yo have 110v on each leg coming in?

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    Don't try to measure continuity with power on! you'll blow the fuse in the meter.

    At either the panel or the WH, you should be able to measure for 220vac. To do it at the panel, you'd have to remove the cover. At the WH, you'd have to remove the access panel at the top where the power goes into the device.
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    Default heater

    UNless you know what to look for, the elements could be burned out but you could think they are okay. A neon tester is worthless to check a water heater.


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