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Thread: Valve Does Not Open

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    Angry Valve Does Not Open

    My neighbor has a six zone Hunter sprinkler system and the 1 inch valves on zones 1 & 2 do not open. The solenoids are getting power and I have disassembled the valves, cleaned them, and reassembled them, and still no luck. Even when I unscrew the solenoids, they still do not open.
    I'm "dazed and confused"................
    Eureka!!!! When cleaning the valve, I didn't notice another vent/orifice directly under the solenoid plunger. It didn't look like there was an opening because it had sand in it!!! I found a thin wire and shoved it through the opening, and the sand came out at the tip of the wire. I reassembled the valve and it works like a charm!!
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    If the solenoids don't actuate, they aren't getting enough current. Suspect poor wiring.

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    Look especially closely at the ground wire. The usual way to connect a series of valves to ground is to daisy chain them. There could be a loose connection in the links.


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