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Thread: Overflowing Artesian Well

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    Default Overflowing Artesian Well

    I am a newbie to this so please excuse me if I don't use the proper terms. I have an older well that artesians, it has gotten to the point to where it is leaking out of the cap and it looks like it has also fractured the concrete that the cap sits on. I would appreciate any ideas on how to fix this. I am currently running a sump pump but because of how the well was built the sump pump doesnt even kick on until the water is over the top of the cap. I am thinking that if I can't repair the cap that this spring I will run a drain pipe from the pump house out to my lower field and then just allow it to gravity drain. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Flowing well!

    Are you using this well? If you aren't and don't plan to in the future you may want to plug it.

    However if you are using the well you may want to divert the excess water outside the pump house.

    This raises some more questions. Does the well have a water resistant well cover (no water lines out the top) or does it have a Sanitary Well Seal (pipe or pipes and wires coming out through it).

    I suspect it's a Sanitary Well Seal. If this is the case the seal may be leaking from the artesian pressure. There is usually a vent plug (1/4" or 1/2" pipe plug). You may be able to remove the vent plug and install fittings and pipe to divert it outside the pump house.


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