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Thread: HELP - Broken Pipe Under Tile

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    Default HELP - Broken Pipe Under Tile


    I would like to ask the forum what it the best way to handle the following plumbing repair.

    It appears that a feed line pipe for our Roman bath spigot broke just below the bathtub tile. I've taken off the spigot and can feel the broken pipe just below the tile level. I've attached links to three (3) photos of the situation. Note the missing spigot in between the faucets where I have removed it.

    Where should I cut into the tile..from the top where the faucets and spigot are OR from the side inside from the shower stall.

    Photos can be seen at: http://picasaweb.google.com/stevenhg...y=zuMZ-Mjt5bA#

    Thanks in advance for any advice you might have.


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    You may have to cut into it from both places. I would start at the top.

    You should be able to remove the tiles fairly easily using either a grout rake or a dremel with a tile bit.

    Do you know what is under the tiles? Cement board? Wood? etc..

    Another approach is to use a right-angle grinder with a diamond wheel to cut into it. That would be the best way to cut into the cement board, as well.

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    And here is the picture link from another forum and posted at least once elsewhere here.

    Click here for the pics.


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